The Rise of the Personal Chef

The Rise of the Personal Chef

No more is hiring a Personal Chef an option solely of the rich and famous of Brisbane. Instead the personal chef has become the 21st Century “must-have” for many people who are time poor and lead hectic lifestyles.

This phenomenon began overseas but has now taken on momentum here in Brisbane.   A personal chef is a professional chef who can create a delicious meal for you and your family with ease in your Brisbane home and give you a break from your routine. It would be well worth your time if you are considering this option.



What does our Personal Chef do?


First, you should be aware that all our chefs have trained long and hard in some of Brisbane’s leading restaurants to qualify to become a Personal Chef.

Our Personal Chefs can be used in a variety different ways depending on your needs. He or she will do the shopping, come into your family home and prepare restaurant quality meals in your own kitchen. This could include preparing several dishes, perhaps a week’s supply, which will be packed, labelled and refrigerated ready for you to reheat at your convenience.

Alternatively, our Private Chefs can be hired to cater for a one-off lunch, canape or dinner party.

Our Personal chefs can serve meals.   However, their main job is to prepare your meals and leave. Our Personal chefs’ are only hired as and when you need them, so there is no fixed or on-going cost.



Why use a Temp Chefs Australia Personal Chef?


Perhaps you are a time poor parent that have better things to do than slave over the stove.  Maybe your family want to start eating healthier.  Or perhaps you just want to try something different…..and impressive!

Have you calculated how much you spend on an average restaurant visit?  How much are you spending on cardboard meal kits or the mass-produced plastic ready meals? A Personal Chef could be a viable cost saving option.

Your hectic lifestyle requires you relax and enjoy when you get home. Why spend hours shopping and then in the kitchen when time is our most valuable & precious commodity!

You have a VERY special occasion coming up. If you really want to impress, what could be better than your very own Personal Chef. Preparing a 5-star meal of superior restaurant standard and served in your Brisbane home?

You’re not very good in the kitchen and once in a while you want a really good meal in your own Brisbane home, or just simply not interested in cooking!

We can’t all be Master Chefs, and some of us don’t want to be……so leave it to the Professionals!



What Should I Expect From a Temp Chefs Australia Personal Chef?


Our  Personal Chef will visit you in your home to assess your  families requirements. They will pay particular attention to any dietary needs and personal preferences.

The Personal Chef will shop for all ingredients and if necessary, source specialty suppliers.

They will arrive in your home in Brisbane and do all of the cooking to Professional Standards.

If they are preparing family meals in bulk for a whole week, they will package, label with instructions and refrigerate all dishes.

The Personal Chef will clean the kitchen perfectly after they are finished.



How much does a Personal Chef Cost?


This amount will vary, but roughly speaking, you can expect to pay around the same price as you would in a high end restaurant.  Our Personal Chef will prepare meals of similar quality and presentation.

On most occasions Temp Chefs Australia will work on a flat hourly fee for the Personal chef’s time.  We then charge for food purchases and perhaps travel costs. (outside Brisbane Council Area)

Our friendly team will always discuss costs with you at the outset when you make your initial enquiry.


Get in Touch


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