Private Chef Experiences

Private Chef Experiences

“Nothing was ordinary – it was all extraordinary! ”  –    Our Private Chef  Testimonial


” We have just arrived back from 5 days on Hamilton Island where we celebrated a ‘once in a lifetime’ event with 12 special live-in guests.


Back in January we approached Matt Gimpel from Temp Chefs Australia.  We  contracted a private chef for the event and it was best decision we could have made.








The Private Chef  took all worries out of our hands.  They forged connections with all the north qld suppliers.  He  choose only the best quality produce while at all times keeping us informed.




The Private Chef  flew up to the Island, the kitchen was his kingdom.  Our chef  proceeded to create unbelievably amazing gourmet menus each day. The guests were treated from breakfast to dinner with a feast for the eyes and stomach.

The talk of each day was – wow can’t wait to see what the Chef has made for the next meal.




The Private Chef never failed to present delicious meals.  He plated as if in a hatted fine dining Restaurant.   The large meal table was always full of laughter and conversation.  We were always in awe of this young man’s talent.



Matthew, we cannot thank you enough for your ability and love of your craft. Your quiet, kind and generous personality fitted in perfect with total strangers.   We all now regard you as a friend.



Thanks for all your hard work behind the scenes.  When we slept you were at the marina choosing only the freshest seafood or topping up daily supplies.   All before creating scrumptious breakfast dishes.  Loved the Millionaire’s eggs benny.





Your professionalism is outstanding and your character above reproach. AND you came in on budget.



We now have a memory of those exceptional 5 days that will forever be regarded as one of the highlights of our lives.  We have you to thank for taking so much responsibility off our shoulders.


Thankyou for allowing us to immerse into carefree fun filled days spent in ‘FOOD HEAVEN’.



Thanks for being our Private Chef.  May your career prosper as you are truly doing the very thing you were born too”.


Darryl and Carole Hood – Fortitude Valley