At Temp Chefs Australia we can help your kitchen operate at its very best. To do this, we place a lot of pride in the professional manner our chef consultants work in. Each and every one of our chef consultants in Brisbane are trained and experienced experts across a number of kitchen types and sizes.


Watch the short video below for a brief overview of how our chef consultants can help YOU!





Our chefs work with a hands-on approach in your kitchen, to help identify issues and to develop a solution. Working in such a close manner helps us gain a clearer insight into the issues and structures at hand. From this we are able to deliver tailored and valuable feedback, so your business can improve and grow. All our kitchen consultants share the belief that your success, is our success; so you can trust us to provide helpful and valuable consultancy.


No matter your needs, we can help out. Our kitchen consultants work frequently with menu development and costing, waste reduction, staff training and skills auditing as well as environmentally-friendly and cost-saving alternatives. Having an outsider, with relevant knowledge, could be the help your kitchen needs to improve productivity and quality. Our chef consultants also share an incredible knowledge of up-to-date health and safety regulations and procedures ready to implement in your kitchen.



Once our consultants have provided you with their suggestions for improvement, to help you adjust we like to follow a Change Implementation Program. Similar to our chefs identifying issues in your kitchen, they’ll also work with your staff to action the recommended changes. This makes for a seamless and easy transition to keep your business’ production from suffering.


If you’re looking for sound advice from an experienced kitchen consultant in Brisbane, do not hesitate to contact Temps Chefs Australia. Whether you work in a rural area or urban kitchen, with a small space or large-scale production, we have the consultant right for you.