The kitchen is the heart of any food business, and our chef consultant ensures the heart of your business is in the best shape possible.


So, regardless of whether you are in the process of:


  • planning to open a new business, or another business in a different location,


  • trying to improve your existing operations


  • or just thinking about replacing an expensive senior chef to save money  with a ‘chef-less’ kitchen operation using a consultant chef.





Before reading on, please watch the short video below to see a quick snapshot of what our chef consultants do and how we can help your food business.






The Temp Chefs Australia team has a demonstrated track record in starting and operating successful, profitable and safe food businesses. That experience is the foundation for our chef consulting service.





Where do we start?


For existing businesses, we begin with you as business owner /manager. Our Assessment helps us understand just where your kitchen fits into your brand promise.


Not only do you have to be able to clearly articulate what your establishment and brand are promising to your consumers, but your staff and especially your kitchen staff must understand your expectations on them.


What you want your staff to create, at what cost and in what time frame, must be clear and agreed. All too often, we find the kitchen staff ‘out the back’ feel disconnected from what business owners are trying to deliver out the front to end consumers.





How do we Deliver?



Our kitchen consultant chefs work hands on in your business to identify issues and provide solutions, concepts and results for your business. Our services focus on key areas of your operations and identifies practical steps to improve processes, quality, costs, team work, tools, safety, etc.





We have found that by actually working in your kitchen, we get much closer to the issues and barriers to success, and especially closer to the potential improvement in your business.



That is the real Temp Chefs Australia point of difference.





Time for Change?


But that’s only half the story. We are not about to email you a report listing what you need to do to improve your business, and walk away – unless of course that’s all you wanted.


Temp Chefs Australia understands that achieving change in any business needs careful change management. You don’t want to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’, so we provide our Change Implementation Program to businesses who want to be sure that they get results.





Our approach to implementing change is exactly the same as our approach to our diagnostic work…we are again ‘hands on’.


Your Success is our Success!



Our Consultant chef will work in your business, with your menu, alongside you and your team to make sure that positive changes are implemented in a planned and managed way.





No matter what your challenge is, Temp Chefs Australia will find a solution for you!


Contact Temp Chefs Australia today for help with :


  • Menu development & Costing
  • Food Cost management
  • Waste reduction
  • Staff Training & Manuals
  • Operational systems and manuals
  • Compliance reviews
  • Understanding of market opportunities and trends
  • Visual merchandising and brand development
  • Stock Management
  • Labour Cost management
  • Skills audit & Staff Training
  • Kitchen Management
  • Kitchen Design advice
  • Supplier tendering and negotiations
  • Human resources & recruitment
  • Policies and procedures
  • Team development and leadership
  • Hospitality Village Operations
  • Complete tailored food safety programs
  • Hospitality Workplace health and safety & compliance
  • Environmental solutions for cost savings




Our Chef Consultant service available Australia Wide!